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Marcus is black and Eddie is white, and heir friendship, it appears, is beyond race and culture, and in school they are known as "Black" and "White." Nearing graduation, Marcus and Eddie spend money needed for school on new basketball shoes. Where is the line between friendship and responsibility? His father is outraged, and yells, "We don’t own a gun! To replace the cash they decide to pull a few "parking lot stickups." There’s an old gun in a shoebox in Eddie’s attic ready for use. Their lives spinning out of control, their friendship slowly being torn apart, Marcus and Eddie don’t know what to do. And to make things even more complex, Marcus is secretly dating Eddie’s sister, Rose. The only white faces I saw on Rikers belonged to the corrections officers." There is a scene in that speaks a powerful truth about crime, race, and class in the U. After Marcus is arrested two detectives visit Eddie’s house. " and says the police should be out chasing "real criminals." But later that night Eddie is in bed and hears some creeks from attic. Whilst Professor Juniper describes him as being very honest, she also remarks that he can be 'a little difficult'; his impatience in particular is often seen throughout the earlier stages of his journey.He is also described as being quite judgmental by Alder.

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is a dazzling book that brings all of these elements together in a great story of friendship, responsibility, basketball, and the social and personal lines between race and class. While he holds a greater knowledge in Pokémon than his friends and tends to offer the player advice during the course of their journey, his comments are often witty and intellectual.He also misunderstands Bianca's humor often, to her dismay.Cheren (Japanese: チェレン Cheren) is a rival character in Pokémon Black and White, and a Gym Leader of Aspertia City's Gym, known officially as the Aspertia Gym, in Pokémon Black 2 and White 2.As a Gym Leader, he specializes in Normal-type Pokémon.

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