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I’ve never met Kevin Federline and do not know anything about him as a person, but I project onto him all the worst fears I have for myself: fear of wasted potential, fear of failure, of losing my family, of making terrible hair decisions.When I see those paparazzi images of FKF, sometimes sporting dopey cornrows, sometimes waddling across some anonymous poolside deck beer in hand, I imagine a guy who does not know who he is, what he is supposed to be doing, or how he wound up in the unexpected circumstances of his own life.

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Its lyrics are a plea for forgiveness for inadvertently hurting a former lover.Quote: "It's good, really angry, a really hardcore album. Justin Timberlake is very good." Britney Spears admits she would love to work with her ex-boyfriend and fellow pop superstar Justin Timberlake.“I do not know why FKF [Fat Kevin Federline] holds such fascination for me.Quote: "I've been thinking about George Michael today, and the positive effect he’s had on this world.He was a brilliant artist, talented songwriter, inspiring performer, and did amazing things for the LGBTQ community.

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