Charles kelley and hillary scott dating

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So when they did reunite in the studio last year, they spent as much time together as possible.“We lived together for two months, pretty much -- half of it in Florida and half of the other time we wrote and recorded in Los Angeles,” Scott said.“Dave cooked for us,” Kelley said.“And all kinds of craft cocktails,” Haywood added.“It was like adult summer camp,” Kelley said.On Thursday, the Grammy-winning vocal group released a new single, “You Look Good,” from their forthcoming album “Heart Break,” coming out June 9 -- their first new album since 2014’s “747.” The single mixes a dazzling horn section with a swaggering bass riff that reflects the band’s sun-filled days in the Hollywood Hills and white sand beaches of Florida.“I think we wrote half the record -- the majority of half the record -- in three or four days when we were down in Florida,” Kelley said.“Nine songs in four days,” Scott said.That didn’t stop Hillary and the boys from checking in with Stylz and Roman this morning!While you might think that the album’s title means one thing, the members of Lady A revealed that it actually means something a little bit different.

He talked about [his faith] openly,” Hillary reflects. As an act of gratitude to those who showed support throughout his father’s cancer journey, Lang suggested the talented musical family—which also includes Hillary’s 15-year-old sister Rylee—record a handful of hymns to serve as a “thank you” to close family and friends.As we reported previously, Anthony Mason will then take over the job on an interim basis, while Pelley moves full time to “60 Minutes.” TVNewser quotes David Zurawik of the Baltimore Sun summing up the Pelley situation this way: “Pelley’s done a lot of good things. But he mimicked, he imitated Dan Rather, even Edward R.Murrow, in an age where it’s a much different television medium.The lead track was written by Lady A members Dave Haywood, Charles Kelley & Hillary Scott, along with Jesse Frasure and Nicolle Galyon.The song takes a different approach to handling heartbreak by focusing on regaining control of who you are as a single person – dating yourself, if you will.

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