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But just as Mac Gillis does, the study looks at Craigslist in a vacuum, as though it was the only site on the internet that had any kind of disruptive effect on newspapers, which clearly isn’t the case.

The reality is that the decline of print advertising rates and the resulting effect on newspaper revenue would likely have occurred with or without Craigslist, driven by the explosion of webpages and ad providers and the advertising industry’s increasing desire to focus on digital markets, not print-based ones.

Most of those alternatives to Craigslist have failed before anyone knew they existed.

Still, there are a few which managed to withstand the web’s churn and are a viable choice to Craigslist.

And only jobs that are near you, are advertised there.

If you want to move to another area of the country (or the world) you're going to have to type in the name of that city or region. Incidentally, that's Craig himself (Craig Newmark) in the brown coat above. snagajob () is the primary site for information technology and engineering professionals looking for work.

to local businessman John Henry — but there seems to be a renewed interest in assigning blame for the rapid decline of the newspaper business, and one name tends to get the majority of the criticism: namely, Craigslist, the free classified-advertising service that some say killed newspapers.Let’s look at five online classified sites where you can buy and sell stuff without too much hassle.Oodle is both a site like Craigslist and an anti-Craigslist at the same time.If you spot any of the following code words or acronyms on Craigslist, beware! Their ride might really be the bus, but they’ll offer you ecstasy on route. More specifically, cash money that’s exchanged for sexual favors.The Craigslist Code 420, Mary-Jane, Violet – Marijuana ABR/ANR – Should you come across an ad for ABR/ANR, shut your laptop and throw it into the sea. Tina – Tina is Molly’s ugly, meaner sister – AKA crystal methamphetamine Water Works/ Wet Works – This means somebody wants to urinate on you, or they’re an assassin. Craigslist’s crew of artful dodgers are always inventing new codewords to creep around the authorities.

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