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When you type the chocolate thing or cookie this I don’t really know what it is it wants your picture so the guy can see what you look like.

Parents do not get this game the game finds all of your information.

In an exclusive interview with Daily, Leal, 26, has revealed how Gordon pinned her to the bed during the hours-long attack and punched her head so hard she wondered if she was dead.

Leal says she fought back, however, when her 'survival instinct' kicked in, smashing Gordon's nose with a heavy candle before bursting into his sleeping mother's bedroom to beg for protection.

I see repetative numbers so frequently, my kids think it’s obnixous. These things only started recently, over the past few years, ever since my birthday fell on Easter. You see, I had an Akashic records reading nearly two years ago when I was receiving lots of mental “downloads” at the time. Getting good vibes is a choice and you can make them by thinking positively. I saw 11’s randomly for a few days after she passed, one on a clock in a tv commercial that I haven’t seen since.

I struggle with bouts of depression for absolutely no reason. Reply Hi, I feel Li KE I am also STARTi NG to see some of these Si GNS, but I’m not 100 percent sure what they mean and I don’t know how to Fi ND anyone else who can see and feel the same THi NGS that I do. I’ve long been wanting to understand what it means for me, specifically, and some of your comments served to confirm what I have long considered. I have twin boys who are 19yrs,and the oldest one says he has been seeing 1111 on his phone or clock very someone is trying to reach me .all of the above just came into my head in the last year,even though ive seen these numbers long before…. Reply I see on the time but pay attention all around nothing we just sitting on phones looking up stuff and I’m really not thinking much or we are talking bout the corruptions and wanting things change or talking bout how she did wrong wanting our kids back home thinking how can I get the proof on the lies they did to get em back so what’s your thoughts I do work and talk to God he tells me what’s going to happen shows me tells me what’s going on this world who are dirty people I’m sad what saw that is coming wish could stop it but he says gotta happen I seen at sixteen in white House four men signing the declaration writing in it laughing they sense see my spirit watching them than came back to reality than suddenly I said God I will take my life to save others and don’t know what I’m too do any suggestions Reply My dear Springer Spaniel – Gus – died (put down) this past 11/21. it has happened two mornings in a row that I looked at the clock exactly at that moment and many other times in between. Clear your head and let positive thoughts enter your brain next time you see or just post positive stuff. Then you take responsibility and pray for that person instead of passing the buck. Long story short, I was sitting in her room and opened my phone and the time was , I had read stories on the number 11 so that got my attention so I looked over at her and she was still breathing but the next time I looked she was not, when the nurses came in and checked saying she’s gone the time was , I believe she passed shortly after .

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These may run for just one hour, but more usually run over several hours.Do not let your child download the Talking Angela app! Gracie downloaded it without asking to her kindle fire because it was free and a really cute cat.She brought it to me to answer the question it asked. It had already asked her name, age, and knew she was in the living room! The person who talks back is not your voice when you type something on talking Angela you know how it takes a second for her to say something there is a guy behind all of this that is a hacker typing all of that stuff my friend who wanted to see what the guy would say he said a typo he said I was talking a little cat rap instead of cat nap.Only the Grace of God saved me.' Leal told Daily she dismissed those same reports as 'negative nonsense' when she met charismatic Gordon, 28, in a bar three months ago and the pair began dating.The trusting restaurant worker says she soon fell in love and dreamed of marrying and having kids with her handsome new beau, who claimed to have kicked drugs after a stint in rehab.

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