Guide on dating vintage rings

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Increase up to 25% for early variaitons (such as dry foot on a utility tray or flat bottom cups).Red will always bring a premium price, as it did at the time of production.

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(Results will open in a new window.) If you cannot find your item on this site, I suggest you search for your item on e Bay.

The vast majority of our jewelry is authentically vintage or antique, but occasionally we come across vintage engagement rings that are so amazing we make them again with recycled metals and vintage stones!

Learn More At Trumpet & Horn, our specialty is bringing the personalized service of a local vintage jeweler to an international online store.

We know how important eco-friendly rings are to our customers, and we are here to make sure you'll feel good about your engagement ring!

READ MORE Newly-made engagement rings inspired by a vintage or antique design are another fantastic choice!

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