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You can even share your favorites via Facebook and Twitter. Paris This streaming camera transports you from wherever you are to the Eiffel Tower enabling you to be there live.

Paris seems to be on everyone's "get to" list but until then enjoy the live feel from this webcam.

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To install you need to build a package until I get an auto build making the PPA and RPM's How to build custom zoneminder package When you get to the How to modify the source prior to build section You will need to checkout the branch also, so add that command to end of this section of commands.What is the feature-h264-videostorage branch using? Can we separate this branch into a known-good-working (e.g. That way we can use the stable version even if the dev version breaks things.Also, here is the command to create a stream tee so that you can view the video simultaneously while recording to disk.Worldwide Discover the Earth Cam network through the eyes of our fans!Explore the Hall of Fame to see the best images from our worldwide network of live streaming video and megapixel cameras.

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