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Incidentally, Colin Reader also - like fellow geologist Robert Schoch - believes that the Sphinx is older than orthodox Egyptology thinks it is - although his theory is far less radical than Schoch's, redating the famous monument only a few hundred years, rather than thousands.

See Reader's journal article "Giza Before the Fourth Dynasty", or this more casual explanation of his ideas, for more detail.

Retitled Age of the Sphinx, the show recorded the second highest ratings of any Timewatch episode and generated still further controversy in the English press.

Large and small blocks of harder limestone, applied at different times in the past, form a protective covering or facing over the lower parts of the monument.

West won an Emmy in 1993 for Best Research for his work on the video and the show itself was one of four nominated for Best Documentary Program.

The BBC subsequently produced its own version of the show for its prestigious and popular science series, Timewatch.

Shareen’s interest in this subject was further stimulated when she saw several television specials featuring the work which Dr.

Schoch was doing in collaboration with independent Egyptologist John Anthony West. Schoch graciously agreed to bring us up to date on his work in the following article, written especially for The Great Sphinx, carved out of solid rock, standing 66 feet high and 240 feet long, sits on the edge of the Giza Plateau (just west of Cairo, Egypt) east of the three great pyramids.

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