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You can immediately undo any automatic changes with Ctrl Z.The following shows you how to deactivate and reactivate the automatic changes in Libre Office Calc: When making an entry in a cell, Libre Office Calc automatically suggests matching input found in the same column. To turn the Auto Input on and off, set or remove the check mark in front of Tools - Cell Contents - Auto Input.

You can turn off this automatic formatting much easier than you can shut down some of the more eager suitors.To turn off the Auto Format feature entirely, open the Format menu, then the Auto Format sub-menu, and select (un-check) the While Typing option.To turn off auto-completion in Calc, open the Tools menu, then the Cell Contents sub-menu, and select (un-check) the Autoinput item.Libre Office Calc automatically converts certain entries to dates.For example, the entry 1.1 may be interpreted as January 1 of the current year, according to the locale settings of your operating system, and then displayed according to the date format applied to the cell.

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