Symantec defs not updating

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will not having any def updates since 12/31/09 cause my Norton status to show protection updates not secure once 1/2/10 hits?

Additional Clarification: The Intelligent Updater files are designed to update client installs for SEP or SAV only.

I know people have tried to explain it all away, but when this system of maintaining a stream of virus definitions updates to ensure security goes from updating every 2-10 minutes (or at least has done since I installed it last year) to nothing happening for hours....something is wrong. I've clicked "run liveupdate" in NIS and it searches for something then says no updates found, currently at least.

Suggesting whatever live update did, it wasn't to do with virus definitions.

Something is not right here, and hasn't been for a while.

It needs to be looked and and an explanation for the less frequent updates needs to be given and/or fixed. It uses the cloud to compare the latest threat definitions.

Go to Step 1 to skip these patches for the time being.

This document will be updated when this issue is fixed.

I just ran a manual update and it says I have the latest updates even though they are from 12/31/09 and it seems like the symantec website reports no new updates for 1/1/10. Hi Calls I'm sure it's just because it's New Year's Day. Since no antivirus definition updates, that means no idle quick scans either, but a manual quick scan does work ok. Why should I be forced to allow someone ACCESS to MY computer? I reported it to IBM in 1990 when their servers deleted all open problems worldwide, but they did not take action for 2 days, and it was too late to recover. If that "remote" fix is not available in a step by step "how to" thread then I have no other choice but to see this level of support as intrusive and potentially as an invasion of my privacy. This can cause purging of current data as old, also, since 0 is less than all the other years. Their ONLY resolve is remote access to MY computer. I have the security that I DO have to PREVENT any access to my computer, Symantec or otherwise.Before you begin troubleshooting Live Update, verify that you are able to connect to and browse If you are not able to browse this site, it is most likely an internet connectivity issue.

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