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Miss Clode, who attends prestigious independent school Dollar Academy in Clackmannanshire, reached for her mobile and took some pictures of the James Dean and Spiderman star, and then - as teenagers are wont to do – she turned the lens on herself and took some ‘selfies’ with the 35-year-old box office hit in the background.

It is understood that Franco spotted Miss Clode taking the photos and shouted to her that she should put the photographs on the online picture-sharing site Instagram and ‘tag’ him so he would be alerted to them.

Many people need a little bit of stress to give them the “get up and go” to do things that are important to them.

If you feel like this, it is important to get help.Jeremy Corbyn has suffered a backlash from users of the Mumsnet website who accused him of dodging tough questions in favour of “fluffy” ones.After the site’s live webchat with the Labour leader finished, one user said he had “just responded to a few arse lick comments” while another branded the event “a piss take”.For example: Stress can be even worse if your family is breaking up, someone close to you is ill or dies, or if you are being physically or sexually abused.People vary in the amount that they get stressed by things - you may find that you get very stressed out by exams, but your friends don’t seem bothered! For example starting a new college or going to university.

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