University of tennessee dating

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I think frats/sororities are an important part of college life because there are so many activities getting people involved and a lot of fund raising for various philanthropies, which is important for students to be a part of. I'm involved in the Greek system and I feel like it really pushes you to be more involved on campus than you would be if you weren't to be in the Greek community. It's a sense of community and you really become close to the people on your hall as the year goes on. Knoxville is a city built around the university, rather than a university placed in the middle of a city.I met my closest friends through Delta Zeta and my room mate. We are also very fortunate to have plenty of movie theaters around as well.

I will not discuss the specific case, but it is a good opportunity to stress the importance of ALL people in our department being familiar with UT's policies on consenting romantic relationships and on sexual harassment, and following both the letter and the spirit of the policies.

I currently live in beautiful, liberal, open-minded sunny San Diego, CA where interracial dating is completely accepted (no stares, no remarks, nothing).

I have previously lived in FL and wasn't able to deal with the racism and the attitudes toward interractial dating there.

Is anyone in the same situation as me (single that dates interracially) that lives in Memphis that can give me the real inside scoop?? I'm afraid I can only give you a partial answer in that I have a college age son, white, who dated an interracial young woman for over a year.

As far as I'm aware they never encountered any stares, remarks, or other negative attitudes anywhere in Memphis they went. I also live inside the city limits and encounter mixed race couples frequently, although, thinking about it, I recall most of those couples tend to be white men with black or interracial women.

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