Web became a sexists Sex text chat whithout regrister

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Rape Victim, now every attention-seeking young woman wants to have been raped”; a commenter added, “It’s a sad state of affairs when women have to resort to these tactics to get attention.And even more sad state when they are the ones who put themselves there in the first place by embracing everything that makes them unattractive to men.” Day’s commenter put his finger on an implication hidden deep within the “attention-seeking” label: the idea that women last week, Joseph Bernstein reported that right-wing tech journalist Milo Yiannopoulos maintains a stable of “mostly unpaid personal interns” who write his posts for “I said ‘I’m trans, and you’re not gonna want me anyway,” he recalls, unable to keep the smile off his face.“And she said ‘I’m in love with you, I don’t care about that.’” His friend Tiq nods and says, “That’s your wife, right there.” All three men are trans."We have no freedoms because they hate us," Eltahawy writes, the first of many times she uses "they" in a sweeping indictment of the cultures spanning from Morocco to the Arabian Peninsula. Why did Egypt's hateful "they" elect only 2 percent women to its post-revolutionary legislature, while Tunisia's hateful "they" elected 27 percent, far short of half but still significantly more than America's 17 percent?Why are so many misogynist Arab practices as or more common in the non-Arab societies of sub-Saharan Africa or South Asia?Three guys are sitting at a Harlem bartop eating fries, drinking whiskey and talking about love.One of them, Bryce Richardson, is about to propose to his girlfriend.

This is a collection of interesting articles, videos and jonline journalism in relation to sexist hate speech.

"Ignore the barrage of violent threats and harassing messages that confront you online every day." That's what women are told.

But these relentless messages are an assault on women's careers, their psychological bandwidth, and their freedom to live online.

“I’m putting it together in my head, I’m like: ‘He’s gonna be one of my groomsmen, he’s gonna be one of my groomsmen,’” he points to his two friends and grins.

The other men light up when they hear the news and start talking about rings, how much they cost, will it be princess cut or pear shaped? “That was one of my dreams, to get married, to be somebody’s husband, to be somebody’s father,” says one of the friends, Redd Barrett.

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